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Ann K Aurbach

Ann is a photographer who grew up surrounded by the arts. My degree is in stage management, so it is no surprise that a life-long interest in photography translated into a creative outlet.

I've always enjoyed 'freezing time' with my photos - but about 10 years ago, I transitioned from regular snapshots into capturing moments as art.

My passion for pet photography stems from growing up with dogs. In our household, they were more than just pets, they were family. Some of them have even gone on to become therapy dogs - helping others in need. However, in comparison to humans, their time with us relatively short - and it goes by so fast. And in that time, they become such an important and integral part of our lives. Why not capture that joyful pup or playful kitten so that you can treasure him or her forever?

I'm a lifetime animal lover who hasn't met a pet she didn't like and the feeling has been mutual. Cats and dogs alike seem to gravitate toward me!

Message me today to book a photography session tailored to your fabulous pet. Let's capture those memories forever!


Honorable Mention, Art St. Louis XXXIII, 2017
1st place, Mississippi River Shootout, 2016
Top 100, The City at 250: St Louis in Photographs, 2014


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Shutter Magazine, July 2018
Various publications, City of Olivette
The City at 250: A Celebration of St Louis in Photographs.


Circus Kaput
City of Olivette, MO
Washington University of St Louis School of Music
Chamber Project St Louis
Fontbonne University